The exhibition

The ORIGINS exhibition is a 4.5 billion-year journey that spans the birth of Earth and its formation to the emergence and explosion of life in all its forms. Erupting volcanoes spill torrents of lava, auroras dance in the polar night, icebergs melt on black strands, while erosion whittles away at mountains and rock. Vegetation conquers the mineral world, while ever more evolved insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals spread to all our planet’s natural environments. At times unbridled, at others tranquil, always stirring and eloquent, Nature is a boundless source of inspiration.

ORIGINS celebrates biodiversity, its fragility, and consequently, that of humankind. This journey through time, space and diversity is meant to strengthen our bond with Nature and inspire respect for Earth, the home of all our origins.

  • Place

    Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan

    Montreal  –  Quebec, Canada

  • Dates

    From January 29-2020

    to 29 January 29-2021

  • Organizers

    Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan

    Espace pour la vie montréal


Argentic Gallery

An adaptable exhibition

that may be reconfigured to best suit its host venue,

– A minimum of 40 and maximum of 80 photographs

– For a period of one to several months

– Tailored designs for indoor and open-air spaces.


Signed and numbered art prints

All the photos in the exhibition are available as fine-art prints.

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For Olivier Grunewald, photography is as much a pretext for plunging into the heart of earthly forces as it is an objective in itself. His quest? To capture the world as it was in the earliest days of its creation. For over thirty years he has explored the wildest reaches of the planet in search of erupting volcanos, shifting light, and fleeting scenes of animal life. His work has won multiple World Press Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. Olivier is also a film-maker and his last documentary is “Dallol, at the frontiers of life” (2016). From geography, which she studied and taught, to ecology which she practiced for ten years at the helm of the Rhône-Alpes Federation for the Protection of Nature, Bernadette Gilbertas passion for nature has led her to travel the world at Olivier’s side. An inveterate conservationist, the independent journalist-cum-writer is committed to the protection of ecosystems and to sharing the stories of the men and women, scientists and activists, who devote their life to it.

http://origines-project.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Livre-ORIGINES-2.jpg" alt="Book;?>"

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The book features 150 photographs by Olivier Grunewald that bear witness to nature’s past and take the reader on a 4.5 billion year journey in search of the origins of life. Bernadette Gilbertas recounts the birth of the universe, how planet Earth formed, the emergence of life and the evolution of the animal world, with contributions from fascinating scientists: microbiologist Purificación López-García, geologist Patrick De Wever, and biologists Pierre Henry Gouyon and Gilles Boeuf.

http://origines-project.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/asso.jpg" alt="Association;?>"


Created by scientists, Olivier Grunewald and Bernadette Gilbertas, the association Aux Origines du Monde works toward protecting, promoting and building our understanding of areas that are particularly sensitive or of major value as natural heritage. Through research, scientific exploration, artistic creation, exhibitions, documentaries, its members aim to raise awareness in France and abroad about research on and the major importance of these sites and ecosystems, and mobilise public authorities to protect them.

The association carried out its first multidisciplinary and international scientific expedition at the hydrothermal site of Dallol, in northern Ethiopia, under the direction of Purificación López-García, researcher director, CNRS, and fellow, Université de Paris-Sud.


First displayed in 2018 along the Jardin de Luxembourg railings in Paris, ORIGINES continues its journey