Volcanoes have given us the natural mineral water of Volvic

02 février 2018 by Olivier Grunewald

Volvic is rooted in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park, at the heart of a preserved ecosystem of 3800 hectares of forest and moorland. The raindrops that fall on this impluvium are filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock for more than 5 years. The water’s mineral composition changes as it comes into contact with the rock. It acquires a specific taste, unique to Volvic mineral water. This water is protected from pollution and is naturally pure. It therefore does not require further treatment and is never touched by human hands. Volvic is committed to preserving this unique natural heritage as it works hand in hand with the Environmental Committee for the Protection of the Volvic Impluvium. Supporting the ORIGINES exhibition and Olivier Grunewald’s work is a direct echo to our mission as mineral water providers as we strive to protect the Volvic resource forever.